A “Real” Hero

   When people think of heroes, they normally imagine the superhero types with the abnormal strength or ability to fly. What I invision as a hero is someone that wants to make a difference, and does without letting anyone stop them from reaching their goals. Someone that is nice, caring, and understanding. Someone that is selfless and humble. If I had to pick one person in my life as my hero, it would without a doubt be my sister. She is such a big part of me and has always been there when I needed her most. She is everything I could have asked for in a best friend 🙂


U.S. Gov.~More or less democratic?

 I believe the United States Government should become more democratic. The people should have more of a say in the decision-making process that our government decides for us. If the citizens were able to have a say in the what they believe should be happening in America, I think that we would have a happier country.

Should U.S. Gov. be more or less democratic?

   I believe that the United States Government should be more democratic because the people have a right to voice and give their opinion to the changes and acts that happen throughout our country. I mean, the people make up the U.S., and if the Government is making changes to better the lives of the American people, I think we should have a say, as the people, to what we want, too.

What is Democracy????

  Democracy is the most challenging formof government-for politicians and people. In Greek, democracy means “rule by the (simple) people”. Democracies were created as a “reaction to a concentration and abuse of power by the rulers.” Philosophers defined democracy as separation of powers, basic civil rights, uman rights, religious liberty and separation of church and state.

  Democracy is “a form of government in which the people, either directly or indirectly, take part in governing.”

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What Inspires Me

  A lot of things inspire me. Books, quotes, experiences, and people. Out of this category,I would have to pick people. People inspire me because if I compare myself to other people that I look up to, I see so much more in them, as of what they did in their life and what they do that make me look up to them. As I compare myself to them, I try to add qualities to myself to make me have those traits that I like about them. Not so that I am a mimi clone of the person, but try and improve my life and actions by the things that I really love about the person.

The Trail of Tears


Me and my momma have been traveling for what seemed like days now. She says its because Andrew Jackson wants us  Cherokee Indians to give up our land in the east of the Mississippi River and move down to Oklahoma. I don’t know why he wants us to, but I obey her orders. I’m really going to miss my home, but momma said that we will have a better house and life where we go,although I think she’s just telling me that, trying to make me stay hopeful and look forward to something. She is getting thinner,and I worry about her. I can handle this weather, because I am a little, strong child, but she is older and seems like she won’t make it. She worries me. It ‘s very cold where we are traveling, and I only have a thin cloth for a blanket wrapped around me, but I don’t complain, although my horse, Daisy, does. She’s always getting us in trouble. We’ve had to stop numerous times when she started getting fussy, and the soldiers always come of over and yell at us, tellin’ us to keep moving forward. I don’t wanna upset mama. She’s been very down lately. I have seen things and been through things normal kids don’t see or go through. I have seen friends like family die before my eyes, moslty from disease. Some wanted to die ’cause they couldn’t bear the long journey anymore. Me and my mama are lucky we’re still alive. I am so hungry and my legs are hurtin begging to take a break. But I don’t. My momma raised me to be a fighter, so I will pull through. Just for mama.


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This is my story of how blogging has helped me. Writing posts that can be deep and emotional really helps me become more comfident in my writing because I know that the whole world can lopok at it, and I would be proud of what I wrote. Blogging definitley helps take out whatever you are feeling and you feel better after writing and getting something off of your chest. Blooging and interacting with kids and teachers from all over the world is like talking to people in your own state, only they could talk different languagea and live across the border. Most of us share the same sports or hobbies, food, and views on different topics.

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    My family is sort-of green. we try to reuse plastic bags, and we also recycle our water bottles, etc. I would like to be more green, because I think every person in this world should do what they could to try to preserve this earth and it’s well-being. One family, let alone one person, could make a difference, and they can be a big impact and reason for the preservation of our beatiful planet. I don;t really think anything is standing in the way for my family and I, but we really don’t think about the Earth and the poor condition it is in today. I think a way that our family can become “greener” is to think about the Earth more in terms of what we can do to improve and clean up this dirty, but still beautiful, planet.